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BFG Leviathan - Patch 1.0.3

What's new in the patch 1.0.3 for BFG Leviathan?

  • Battles are now saved at the start of each sub-phase in Campaign, Skirmish and Hotseat modes. You can leave the game and continue the battle later!
  • After a Game Over, the campaign continues with a standard setting depending on the chapter reached
  • In battles during campaign, if one side gets all its ships destroyed, the battle ends. If the player is victorious, both objectives are completed unless a must-protect ship has already been destroyed
  • Improve AI torpedoes
  • Improve AI focusing fire
  • Cruisers with Nova Cannons in squadron are now each able to fire
  • Secure Asphodex deployment area has been fixed
  • The cost of some ship cards have been reviewed
  • Ships' Leadership when checking cards on the campaign's map is now calculated correctly
  • Fix Ordnance sub-phase freezes
  • Fix Boarding activation
  • Fix All is Lost / Brace for Impact text

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