BFG LEVIATHAN - New Black Rage update

New map campaign and a new fleet: the Space Marines Flesh Tearers

Admirals, the BLACK RAGE update will be available for the 15th september 2016! The new free update include a new map campaign and a new fleet: the Space Marines FLESH TEARERS.

Content of the Black Rage update:

  • Whole new campaign for the Flesh Tearers: protect Lysios with the sons of Cretacia
  • Flesh Tearers available as a new faction for skirmish and multiplayer
  • Deployment phase has been improved: each player deploys his fleet one after the other, and you can move a whole squadron at once
  • Improvement in the multiplayer lobby: you can now see how many players are waiting for a public battle
  • Boarding actions have been re-balanced: the boarding value derived from Hull points is only used to determine the die bonus and is no longer added to the final result

"We are fury! We are wrath! We are death!"

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  • Gary


    08 September 2016 at 14:04 |
    Brilliant keep it up!!
    Hopefully lots more to come...


  • dom taylor

    dom taylor

    16 September 2016 at 08:25 |
    will you every add a different enemy fleet army like say the tau or chaos for skirmish and/or multiplayer. tau makes more sense as their war against the imperium was halted due to the Tyranid invasion (I believe if my lore is correct)


    • Super Utilisateur

      Super Utilisateur

      16 September 2016 at 14:21 |
      We don't have news yet about new races, we'll keep you tuned ;) !


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